Innovative building service engineering​



Our engineering firm offers you comprehensive planning and consulting services for technical building equipment. We are at your disposal from the idea to the planning to the realization of your project for new or existing buildings.

For the implementation of plans, we are guided by the technical equipment service profile in accordance with the Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers – HOAI (Annex 15 to Section 55 (3), Section 56 (3)). However, we also offer services that go beyond this.

Thorough analyses are the key to finding the optimum solution. Our experts prepare risk analyses, feasibility studies and inventory analyses. This allows us to identify potential obstacles, assess feasibility and discover optimization potential. Reliable foundations are the cornerstone for successful projects.

Our energy audits make it possible to analyze consumption patterns and develop efficient solutions. We use the latest weather records from the DWD to determine potential savings. We use our knowledge and experience to offer individual and economical solutions based on the given framework conditions.

Our engineering firm lays the foundation for successful projects by providing independent, solution-oriented and pragmatic advice. We offer clever drainage systems, efficient heating and cooling systems with sustainable refrigerants, renewable energies such as photovoltaic systems and even measurement, control and regulation technology that can be operated by non-experts.
Our experts take a holistic view of your project, consider technical, economic and ecological factors and support you in the decision-making process.

Our service does not end with the completion of the project. We focus on long-term partnerships and also support you in the operation of your systems.

We offer individual and manufacturer-independent planning of individual trades as well as general planning according to HOAI or separate agreement. We develop innovative, customized solutions that are cost-efficient, easy to operate and effective at the same time. Our planning take feasibility into account and are designed across all trades to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

For our construction supervision, we analyze the various processes, identify potential conflicts and develop a concept to ensure trouble-free construction. We place particular emphasis on quality assurance, cost control and adherence to deadlines.
We use digital tools to coordinate our trades and higher-level coordination on the construction site as well as for defect management.

We remain at your disposal after completion of a project. We support you in compiling the necessary documentation and accompany the project through commissioning and acceptance.
If desired, you can give us access to the MSR technology (external access required) to support you more quickly in the event of operational issues. We can support you more quickly with advice in the event of operational problems.

Specialist areas

Sewage, water and gas systems

Input planning for wastewater and rainwater, flat roof drainage with and without green roofs, drainage of outdoor facilities, infiltration trenches, fresh water and apartment stations, drinking water networks as ring lines, drinking water safety analyses, prevention of legionella in the existing buildings.

Heat supply systems

All types of heat pumps, district heating and boilers as well as the integration of fossil and renewable energy, waste heat recovery, heat-cold cogeneration, innovative system-specific hydraulics, heat load calculation in accordance with DIN EN 12831, hydraulic balancing of existing networks, optimization of existing systems, inventory assessment based on continuous historical temperature records from the DWD, waste heat from data centers.

Refrigeration systems

All types of chillers, district cooling as well as the integration of free cooling and geothermal energy, combined heat and power generation, provision of cooling at various temperature levels, redundancy design for data centers, reduction of electrical power peaks through innovative hydraulics and/or energy management, cooling load calculation in accordance with VDI 2078, hydraulic adjustment of existing cooling networks, inventory assessment based on continuous humidity and temperature records from the DWD, etc.

Ventilation systems

Centralized and decentralized ventilation systems coordinated with heating/cooling concepts, planning and real verification of a balanced air balance for economical operation, special designs and applications, ventilation concepts with the aim of maximum heat recovery and comfort, consideration of noise in indoor and outdoor areas, adjustment of existing systems, etc.
Engineering office for innovative building technology

Electrical systems

Medium-voltage and low-voltage systems, implementation of electrical systems in existing and new structures, consideration of actual utilization in existing buildings, economic concepts for laboratories and industrial areas, load profile evaluation, photovoltaic systems on roofs and building-integrated (BIPV) optimized for maximum self-consumption, etc.

Information technology systems

Access control, intruder alarm systems, data networks in buildings, fire alarm systems, building radio, creation of fire alarm and alerting concepts.

Utilization-specific systems

Media supply in laboratories, compressed air networks, inert gas extinguishing systems, removal of aggressive, flammable, hot and/or toxic air mixtures, sprinkler systems, demineralized and process water, process cooling/heating, integration of waste energy into existing or new processes, etc.

Measurement, control and regulation technology

All types of building automation systems, holistic consideration of the technical systems, planning based on VDI 3814 and DIN EN ISO 16484, creation of comprehensive functional descriptions with user-friendly formulations, bus-based and classic data transmission depending on the application and cost-effectiveness, analysis, optimization and repair of existing systems, etc.