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Küstenkraftwerk Kiel

Planning the infrastructure for the buildings and halls of a 200 MW gas engine power plant

Project start


Location / Location

24149 Kiel


Kraftanlagen München GmbH


Municipal utility’s Kiel gas engine power plant provides an uninterrupted supply of electricity when the offshore wind farms produce too little or no electricity. The large gas-powered generators are located in machine halls that have to be supplied with plumbing, heating, ventilation and fire protection. In addition, everything from the gatehouse to the control room in the office building and the workshop building had to be equipped.

Initial situation

IBIG was commissioned to review the existing planning. It turned out that the concept was expensive and there was potential for optimization in terms of efficiency. The planning was extensively adapted by IBIG.

Project objective

The buildings were equipped with efficient technology and the budget was adhered to the specified construction costs.