Innovative building service engineering​

Renderings courtesy of METRIK Architekten GmbH

Erweiterungsbau CSA Plattling

Extension of a hall for measuring and testing tasks

Project start

2022 - in realization


94447 Plattling


SCI EUROVALYS NEW INVEST 4 represented by Advenis Germany GmbH


IBIG was commissioned with the planning, awarding and construction management of all technical trades for the new construction of a hall with an area of 4500 m², incl. integration into the existing building stock. The following services were planned and implemented for ventilation, cooling and electrical installations: 12,000 m³/h ventilation units, 6,000 m³/h exhaust gas extraction, 120,000 m³/h recirculating air cooling, 650 kW chillers with waste heat recovery, 4 MVA transformers and 375 kWp photovoltaic roof system on the new building and adjacent existing building.

Renderings courtesy of METRIK Architekten GmbH

Initial situation

IBIG was initially only involved in an advisory capacity to review the MEP budget. Result of the audit: The MEP budget was reduced from € 9.0 million to € 5.3 million. IBIG was then commissioned with the overall planning. The project was successfully implemented and the budget was not exceeded.

Project objective

Use of actually necessary and efficient system technology to meet user requirements while adhering to the set project budget and schedule.


One focus of the planning was the integration of the system technology in a limited space and the consideration of the parallel tenant fit-out. Shielded cabins and absorber halls are cooled using space-saving, high-precision climate control cabinets. For space reasons, some of the appliances were suspended from the ceiling on steel structures. A common suspension structure was developed for the media supply in the hall to accommodate cable routes and pipes for sanitary, heating, cooling and compressed air.

Renderings courtesy of METRIK Architekten GmbH