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Mieterausbau Hubergroup Kirchheim

Integration of laboratory areas in existing building complex

Project start



85551 Kirchheim


Covivio Office II GmbH


For the office areas, the existing chilled ceilings were upgraded and the air distribution adapted. Certain offices were converted into a laboratory with special gases and explosion protection requirements on an area of 800 m². Among other things, the low voltage main distribution was extended, an additional cooling capacity of 200 kW and a laboratory ventilation system with 18,000 m³/h was installed. Certain laboratories are heated to 21 °C ±1 K and 55 ±3 % relative humidity all year round using a specially designed air aftertreatment system.

As part of the tenant fit-out, the fire alarm system was also renewed throughout the office complex and an electrical infrastructure was created in the underground car park to connect e-charging points.

Initial situation

The existing office complex with around 20,000 m² gross floor area and underground parking was partially let at the time of the tenant fit-out. The tenant fit-out implemented by IBIG was carried out on an area of around 5,000 m².

Project objective

Timely, cost-effective integration of a laboratory into an existing building structure with limited space, taking into account the existing tenants and a complex existing situation. IBIG was commissioned with the planning, awarding and construction management of the technical trades.