Innovative building service engineering​

Schlachthof München

New build ventilation system with suitable filter or high proportion of outside air

Project start



80337 München


Münchner Schlachthof Betriebs GmbH


Corona has increased the requirements for ventilation in cold rooms where work is carried out. This created the need to supply fresh air to the cold rooms of a slaughterhouse. The work had to be carried out in cramped conditions during ongoing operations

Initial situation

Refrigerated meat processing stations had to be supplied with fresh air during the Covid crisis.

Project objective

The affected rooms are supplied with air cooled down to 8 °C in winter and summer, which is stored on the roof of the building. Cooling or heat recovery in the ventilation unit ensures effective operation. If the outside air is cold enough, it is cooled directly and freely.


As space was extremely limited and the roof did not have the load-bearing capacity, an old cooling tower was dismantled, the old foundation was upgraded and reused for the new technology.